Causes of hair loss

Hair loss, baldness and alopecia are the names of one disease when a person loses his/her hair. Hair loss is a natural process occurring all the time in a human body. The hair falls off the scalp as well as other body parts. The everyday loss of 100-150 strands of hair is absolutely normal.

Still when the hair loss becomes abnormal, intense and frightening a visit to a specialist is necessary.

The prominent loss of the hair affects a person psychologically and emotionally.

Most of the time people have a minor or milder form of hair loss which lasts only for short time and hair stops falling sooner. Such hair loss is usually connected to one of more of the reasons including improper hair care, poor diet, illnesses and use of certain medications.

More serious cases occur when people lose hair in patches, develop bald spots on their scalps, and complain about persistent and considerable hair fall over a long period of time.

Dermatologist and trichologist are the first doctors to whom you should address your problem. After the examination and testing, they can put the diagnosis and suggest the treatment. Following strategized therapy for baldness using special methods including medical treatment, special procedures preventing the shedding, eating proper diet and caring for the hair will help in most cases to return to normal appearance and normal hair density.

It is always better to prevent and control the hair loss than obtain a more serious treatment. So, at the first signs of unusual hair loss, make an appointment at your dermatologist or trichologist.

Causes of hair loss

Before the treatment is adjusted it is absolutely necessary to understand the reasons behind your hair loss.

Sometimes to understand the cause of the issue is hard and it demands making special tests and procedures. The incorrect treatment can bring more harm to the existing condition. Actually identifying the cause and putting the diagnosis is a crucial thing in the treatment.

Among the causes of hair loss can be: male pattern baldness or alopecia which is often called hereditary or androgenetic. This type of hair loss is the life-long and usually starts in the younger ages. Males from one family typically have baldness on the front part of their heads and on the temples.

Autoimmune conditions can cause baldness called alopecia areata. This type of hair loss is characterized by hair fall in patches and appearing bald spots on the scalp. Fortunately this condition can be easily treated and patients usually return to their normal look.

Deficient nutrition is the often cause of common hair loss. The condition is also treated well by correcting the diet and including special food supplements into regular nourishment.

Other different reasons such as smoking or use of certain medicines can trigger the hair fall. By discontinuing the medicines, the hair returns to normal growing and restores naturally.

Causes of hair loss

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