Diagnostic tests and analysis for hair loss

When a person experiences unusual or severe hair loss, he needs to go to the doctor for professional consultation.

Medical history of a patient and examination of his hair are substantial to determine the reason of dropping hair. It is usual for a doctor to ask a patient directed questions to specify hair damage and loss. To make it more distinct a doctor examines the bald pattern of a scalp and drags out some hairs for testing.

If a person starts losing hair from the forehead part of the head and crown, it may be because of some heredity matters which are easily diagnosed.

This situation is more usual for men; women commonly lose hair from the top.

Knowledge about a patient's medical history may be a key point in making a diagnosis. So, it is recommended to answer doctor's questions frankly. The questions are usually about previous or existing health conditions, using medications, having a relative who has had a history of hair loss and others.

Besides, you should tell your doctor if you have had chemical treatment of hair, ironing, or using tight or other damaging hair styles.

Undergoing chemotherapy, being on a low nutritious diet or having serious skin problems can also be the major reasons for hair loss.

To diagnose your hair loss properly your doctor will carry out some types of tests. These methods of diagnostic may include:

Blood testing;

Microscopic hair analysis;

Microelement hair analysis

For women it is necessary to inform a doctor about any changes or problems with their cycle. Irregular menstrual cycle, excessive body weight may be the symptoms of hormonal imbalance. To diagnose the condition such women may be adjusted to test their hormones.

To diagnose hair loss is very hard, sometimes it is impossible and doctors need more time to put the correct diagnosis. If the diagnosis is right, the treatment will certainly work.

Diagnostic tests and analysis for hair loss

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