Hair loss in ladies - psychological impact

Hair loss or baldness has a strong psychological effect on the wellbeing of a woman and her emotional state. Hair loss in women is not as common as in men, still women take it more sensitive. Ladies suffering from hair loss often experience low self-esteem, get depression and loss Women value their appearance and their internal emotional state depends on the appearance. Without a doubt ladies spend more time and money on their exterior than men. They want to look great and have rich dense hair. Young girls can lose hair during education years. Persistent stress makes them more vulnerable to hair thinning. Middle aged females who suddenly start losing hair trouble about their social state and how people will react to their hair loss. Adult women with noticeable hair reduction suffer from low self-esteem, loss of confidence and depression. According to the studies in which women with hair loss took part, the risk for persistent stress and depression is higher in women with any appearance problem (such as hair loss, acne or others) than in those women who do not have any concerns about how they look like. Appearance imperfections often result in overeating, weight gain, and skin problems. Women fear to have social gatherings, going out and other public activities. They are worried about their hair and their unattractive appearance. Lots of women think that their partners find them ugly and unlovely. For men the hair loss process is often a natural maturing and a symbol of manhood which is admitted as sexual attraction. Women accept baldness otherwise- they consider that they lose their radiance and lure with hair loss.
Hair loss in ladies - psychological impact

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Tips to prevent hair loss

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Risk factors

  Your hair may thin out if you poor nutrition, because this problem  related to poor nutrition and very  often accompanies crash dieting and eating disorders. Improper or overuse   use of
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Symptoms and signs

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In this list we enumerate the most popular types of hair loss,such as:  Traction Alopecia Chignon Alopecia Hypotrichosis Telogen Effluvium Trichotillomania Lichen Planopilaris Trichorrhexis
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Some treatments and conditions  can make people lose some of  hair: •lack of red blood cells (anaemia) •fungal infections •stress •drugs that are used to treat cancer (chemotherapy)