Symptoms and signs

Symptoms and signs  of hair loss may be the next: Many women and men have gradual thinning on top of head. This problem is the most popular.  Men have hair loss,when their hair  recede from the forehead in a line (this line  looks like the letter M) . But the women quite the contrary  retain a line of hair. Patchy or circular   bald spots. There are many men and woman who have smooth bald spots.  A emotional or physical  shock can cause to sudden loosening of hair.  You may  lose your hair when you wash or comb  your hair. This problem causes overall hair thinning.  Also if you have some medical treatments or conditions , (for example chemotherapy for cancer), you may have the full-body hair loss .
Symptoms and signs

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In this list we enumerate the most popular types of hair loss,such as:  Traction Alopecia Chignon Alopecia Hypotrichosis Telogen Effluvium Trichotillomania Lichen Planopilaris Trichorrhexis
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Some treatments and conditions  can make people lose some of  hair: •lack of red blood cells (anaemia) •fungal infections •stress •drugs that are used to treat cancer (chemotherapy)