Tips to prevent hair loss

Hair loss can be treated effectively with different methods available now. Still it is better to avoid hair loss problem rather than to cure it. Simple and effective ways to prevent hair reduction are accessible to all. The hair loss in men and women is a confusing situation causing many problems in all the spheres of life: people feel awkward in personal, social, and professional relations. The baldheaded live through miserable moments and have low self- assurance because of their physical deficiency - distressing aspects of appearance. Prevent the hairs loss if possible. Of course certain hereditary conditions such as male pattern baldness may be hard to prevent, still if you lose hair, do not waste time, and implement effective measures to prevent it. See the following measures of hair caring: Take care of your hair regularly. Make it a rule to take into account all the aspects of caring. Use soft hair brush for brushing your hair. Do not pull the hair, it may cause hair loss. Apply natural substances to shampoo your hair. Choose the herbal shampoos and other hair products. Synthetic hair cosmetics dry hairs and lead to hair thinning. Wash the hair no more than 2 times a week to get rid of the dust. Avoid washing your hair every day. Use fresh clean water for washing your hair. Hard water may leave a coating on the hair and the water with lots of chemical components may cause hair fall. Use special hair oils rich in nutrients to nourish the hair. You can try such oils as the coconut, avocado, macadamia, jojoba, olive, argan oil and others. Tight hair styles like braids, ponytails, or buns have excessive pressure on the hair. It makes hair thin and causes hair loss. Avoid using hair dryer or hair styler very often. The high temperature harms the skin on the head and makes it dry. Dry and air your hair with a towel. The sun may also be harmful for your hair. Protect your scalp from direct sunlight. Massage the scalp regularly. It improves blood microcirculation and helps to bring the nutrients to the hair follicles. The nutrition plays a great role in hair caring. Poor diet leads to hair reduction. The healthy diet rich in all nutrients makes hair nice and thick. Fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads and cereals provide your organism with necessary minerals, vitamins and proteins which stimulate hair growth.
Tips to prevent hair loss

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Risk factors

  Your hair may thin out if you poor nutrition, because this problem  related to poor nutrition and very  often accompanies crash dieting and eating disorders. Improper or overuse   use of
See your healthcare provider if: thumbnail

See your healthcare provider if:

•You have any  itching or pain, which associated with this problem•You are losing hair at an early age or very rapidly  (in twenties age or in your teens  ). •You have facial
Symptoms and signs thumbnail

Symptoms and signs

Symptoms and signs  of hair loss may be the next: Many women and men have gradual thinning on top of head. This problem is the most popular.  Men have hair loss,when their hair  recede from the
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In this list we enumerate the most popular types of hair loss,such as:  Traction Alopecia Chignon Alopecia Hypotrichosis Telogen Effluvium Trichotillomania Lichen Planopilaris Trichorrhexis
Causes thumbnail


Some treatments and conditions  can make people lose some of  hair: •lack of red blood cells (anaemia) •fungal infections •stress •drugs that are used to treat cancer (chemotherapy)